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IPI Gets a New Name

As you may have noticed, the former Indigenous Affairs Student Initiative has undergone a bit of makeover and the Executive Team is excited to announce our new name, the Indigenous Policy Initiative!

Part of IPI’s objective is to change existing narratives and transform the educational environment at the Munk School by bringing forth Indigenous voices on key issues. We want to make sure future generations of public policy professionals have the training and research skills required to adequately serve and work with Indigenous communities. Part of upholding these objectives has been to be more mindful of the space we occupy in the Munk community as settlers. Our hope is that moving forward under our new name, it will allow us to better represent our objectives and capacity while maintaining the dedication to Indigenous justice and education that has been present since the Initiative's inception.

We are very excited for the upcoming school year and look forward to creating spaces for meaningful engagement and learning in the Munk community. To all the new students joining us this year, we can’t wait to meet you!


The 2020/21 IPI Executive Team, Pam, Caroline, Melissa & Shannon

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